Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mini King Spinnerbait Bass and Rebel Minnow: Spring Largemouth Tips

The surface was choppy today unlike this photo from last year. I went out after sunset minutes ago and caught four largemouths in this reliable corner on the Strike King Mini King spinnerbait. I would cast well out, retrieve at a good clip, then slow down. The hits came right at the edge between very shallow and somewhat deeper water, on a couple of occasions hits were short. I'm sure the water reached at least 50, but didn't warm much more than this. With surface chop, the spinnerbait worked. The bass were all about a pound besides a two pounder, another that large lost, and another about a pound came off the hook. But here's a tip for calm water 47 degrees or warmer after a mild afternoon. If water temperature is falling, it won't work.

Rebel Minnow

Spring bass on the surface in 47 degree water? Possibly. If a northeast corner of a pond or shallow lake is structurally sound for bass, it may have warmed a little more under afternoon sun to the southwest. The Rebel Minnow floater/diver plug sits at an angle on the surface. Rapalas made of balsa don't. By a subtle rod twitch, the rear of the plug lifts to the surface. Just dimple the surface every 10 to 30 seconds with the 2 1/2 inch size. Bass may take the plug as subtly as a trout sips a dry fly, just sucking in the tail end of the plug beneath surface. It's topwater fishing. And the only lure I've caught bass with off the surface so early. 

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