Monday, September 26, 2011

Welcome to Fishing in New Jersey

No, it's not an oil refinery explosion, nor a nuclear blast over Manhatten, which you would either know about, or not. It's Saturday's sunset behind North Beach, Sandy Hook.

I decided to create a new blog for my New Jersey fishing excursions, and to keep Litton's Fishing Lines for out of state trips, as well as more general themes and possibly posts on techniques and tactics, all of which pertain to fishing for my readers. Fishing in New Jersey will also include posts from general perspectives on the northern, central, and southern counties down through Ocean and Burlington, possibly further south and over to Cumberland, it all depends on whether or not we get down there. My son and I have considered fishing in Cape May County.

I've posted either 111 or 103 articles on Litton's Fishing Lines, so plenty is present to peruse through the archives, and plenty more will appear yet. Please read! Photos are attractive for being effortless to enjoy. But words, demanding more, bring better reward. 

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